Client Reviews of The Tax Defenders – Our clients allow us to use their real names and stories — and they even gave us pictures! — because it is tough to know who’s telling the truth these days. They have done this to help YOU! Please respect their privacy.

The Tax Defenders – Note: Individual results will vary based upon your own tax and financial situation. Do not expect these outcomes unless you have received a full analysis showing that you qualify for similar results.


Original Tax Amount owed: $56,000. Amount paid to the IRS: $0.

“I’ve Had Many Lawyers Trying To Help Me With My Back Taxes To No Avail.”

Original Tax Amount owed: $56,000. Amount paid to the IRS: $0.

“I’ve Had Many Lawyers Trying To Help Me With My Back Taxes To No Avail.”

“I just want to say Alex, Katheryn, and everybody have been nothing but fabulous. I’ve had many lawyers trying to help me with my back taxes to no avail. Alex and everyone at American Tax Solutions has been absolutely wonderful and most helpful. These guys know what they’re doing. They’re very smart cookies. Thank you very much.”

John Leach, Winthrop Harbor, ILWatch his video

The path to resolution can sometimes take an unexpected turn. John Leach thought he hired American Tax Solutions to submit an Offer in Compromise. However, a totally different and more beneficial strategy resulted in massive tax savings.


“I Paid 1% Of The Fee The IRS Wanted Me To Pay…”

“With great pleasure, I want to personally thank people like Dave and Luis, for their outstanding efforts in the way they handled my offer in compromise with the IRS. I paid 1% of the fee the IRS wanted me to pay, that’s quite some savings. And they made considerable efforts to change their schedule to talk to me, as there is a 2 hour time difference between our geographical locations. Again, my personal thank you to the team at American Tax Solutions in Chicago, Illinois. Thank you very much!”

Dennis Chegren, Irvine, CA

When Dennis hired American Tax Solutions, the IRS claimed he owed over $30,000. The debt had accumulated over 7 years. American Tax Solutions helped Dennis settle with the IRS with an accepted offer of $392. This represents a reduction of almost 99% of the original amount owed.


Owed $15,000, Accepted Offer: $1250 — Reduced debt by over 90%

”The People At American Tax Solutions Have Been Really Great To Me.”

“The people at American Tax Solutions have been really great to me. They’re taking care of my tax debt. Tony has been a wonderful help. I thank you guys very, very much.”

Vera Dlaikan, Detroit, MI

Vera owed the IRS $15,000. She was deeply fearful of IRS collection tactics like wage garnishments. American Tax Solutions helped Vera settle with the IRS with an accepted Offer in Compromise amount of $1250. That’s 8 cents on the dollar. Pennies On-Dollar settlements are possible for those who qualify.


Owed $36,000 to the IRS. Settled for $16,500. Saved Almost $20,000.

“I Will Refer American Tax Solutions To Every Person In The Car Business That Does Need Help Like I Did. Again From The Bottom Of My Heart, God Bless You Both And Thank You.”

“Me and my wife Jean want to thank both Sarah and Gwen from the bottom of my heart.”

“They did a remarkable job in handling this Offer in Compromise for us. We really do appreciate the hard effort Sarah has put into this. She has been just a sweetheart. And I really want to say how much I’m really thankful and grateful of how hard you’ve worked on this and how you accomplished what you did accomplish for us. I will refer American Tax Solutions to every person in the car business that does need help like I did. Again from the bottom of my heart, God bless you both and thank you.”

Bruce & Jean Gillespie, Isanti, MN

Bruce and Jean came to us after dealing with IRS problems for over 8 years. The IRS had threatened them with levies and garnishment and they were forced into a $500 a month payment plan which they couldn’t afford. They came to American Tax Solutions owing over $36,000 to the IRS. With help from American Tax Solutions, the IRS accepted an offer of $14,000 for Bruce and $2,500 for Jean. That’s almost $20,000 SAVED.


Owed $132,000, Paid to the IRS: $4,300

“Oh Man! You Just Don’t Know How Much Of A Relief (It Is) For Me To Know What Had Just Happened When I Got Through Talking With American Tax Solutions…”

“I would like to thank George and his staff for helping me out and working with me on my IRS problem. Oh man! You just don’t know how much of a relief (it is) for me to know what had just happened when I got through talking with George and American Tax Solutions. I would just like to say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for making my day and helping me with this bad situation. I would recommend you to anybody else who needs help with their income tax problems. Thank you again.”

Danny Smith, Abilene, TX

When Danny hired American Tax Solutions, his IRS debt seemed to be lingering forever. American Tax Solutions put together a strategy for Danny to drastically reduce his tax debt to a level where it was much more manageable.


“You’ve Gotten The IRS To Agree To A Settlement Offer Of $578 A Month Down From The $8000 A Month They’ve Been Asking For Since This Mess Started. I Wanted To Say Thank You.”

“I want to tell you what a wonderful job Tony has been doing in my case. You’ve gotten the IRS to agree to a settlement offer of $578 a month down from the $8000 a month they’ve been asking for since this mess started. I wanted to say thank you. We’re very pleased with Tony and the American Tax Solutions. Thank you again.”

Katherine Lejune, Lake Charles, MS

Hurricane Katrina was more than a temporary setback for the Lejune family. Yet, Katherine’s testimonial proved that even such an act of God wouldn’t stop IRS collection efforts. With help from American Tax Solutions, the Lejune family can rebuild their home and their business without having to worry about bank levies or other seizures that would wreck already strained finances.


“I Was Working With A Large National Company Previously And Spent 2 1/2 Years In A Nightmare With Them…”

“Wanted to let you know about how pleased I am with American Tax Solutions’ services. You guys have been wonderful. Everybody has been very pleasant to deal with, above all, very efficient – getting things done in a timely manner, very professional, Ed, Kate, Brad have all been very was very helpful. Everyone’s been wonderful. I was working with a large national company previously and spent 2 1/2 years in a nightmare with them I could never get anyone to call me back, never got any feedback, it was just awful. So this experience has been a true joy to work with you guys. Thank you very much. You got my installment agreement already and we’re working on the final resolution of my case, and I could not be happier.”

Christine Gotwalt, Camphill, PA

Christine wasted 2 1/2 years of time and thousands of dollars to receive no relief when she trusted another company to help her. After hiring American Tax Solutions, she received immediate tax relief from an agreed upon installment agreement which prevented further IRS collection actions like garnishments or levies. American Tax Solutions is working to reduce or remove over $5,000 in penalties.


Owed $63,000, Accepted Offer: $465

“They’ve Pulled Me Through So Many Things, I Will Forever Be Grateful To Them.“

“I owed $63,000 in taxes when I contacted American Tax Solutions. Alex was very helpful and got me through this process. Gwen pulled me through so many things, I will forever be grateful to them. My debt was reduced to $465. I really appreciate everything they’ve done. I really, really appreciate it. I would recommend them to anyone, to anyone. They’ve helped me through every process. In every way they have done this. Thank you so much, that’s all I can say to them. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Gail Cunningham, Deltona, FL

Gail hired American Tax Solutions when her health started failing and her ability to generate enough income to support herself was diminished. American Tax Solutions is happy to report the IRS accepted Gail’s Offer in Compromise for $465 – a reduction of 99.3%!


Owed $216,000 — Paid $4,000

“We Are Just So Pleased With The Amount That We’re Having To Pay.”

“Gwen has been terrific. She has worked herself crazy trying to get this OIC (offer in compromise) accepted, we are just so pleased with the amount that we’re having to pay. She deserves a raise. Thank you very much.”

Deanna and Willis Watkins, Indianapolis, IN

The Watkins’ couldn’t pay payroll taxes due to high medical bills when Willis had open heart surgery. In the midst of business and family turmoil, Dee turned over her IRS problems to American Tax Solutions. The Watkins’ owed over $216,000. Meanwhile, Dee and Willis received custody of their grandchild which further stressed their already delicate finances. American Tax Solutions helped Deanna and Willis settle with the IRS with an accepted offer in compromise of $4,000. This represents a settlement of $.02 for every dollar owed.


“We Used American Tax Solutions To Settle Our IRS Problems And They Saved Us Over $10,000 Dollars.”

“We used American Tax Solutions to settle our IRS problems and they saved us over $10,000 dollars and we are extremely pleased with the response we got. We are very satisfied with the help and the service. Thank you again for saving us over $10,000 on our tax problems.”

Jeffrey & Gina Clouse, Kalispell, MT

Jeff’s IRS tax problems started when he hired a bogus company (out of the Yellow Pages) to help him with tax preparation. The IRS investigated the bogus company and all of the returns prepared by this company. The IRS determined that about $15,000 taxes were owed even though they had relied on “professional” advice. All the while, Jeff’s daughter was going through very serious medical challenges which nearly bankrupted the family. American Tax Solutions is happy to report that the IRS accepted an offer of $5,604.


“I’m Happy To Recommend American Tax Solutions… Very Informative And Very Professional.”

“I want to compliment your company. Luis, George, Crystal and Gwen have done a fine job. They have been very informative and very professional and I am very pleased and very happy. Also, I am happy to recommend American Tax Solutions. Everything in my case is going smoothly.”

Gary Mednikov, Riverwoods, IL

Sometimes business owners need help navigating the IRS minefield. Gary ran into tax problems with the sale of one of his businesses and hired American Tax Solutions to negotiate with the IRS for him. Having attorneys and CPAs in his corner to make sure his rights are not trampled has allowed him to focus on his business not dealing with the IRS.


“Thank You For Talking To Us And Helping Us Understand And For Working With Us Too.”

“We would like to thank you for helping us with the tax situation we were in. Thank you for talking to us and helping us understand and for working with us too.”

Toria & Carlos Clark, Oklahoma City, OK

Toria and Carlos Clark made a tax preparation mistake from which they were never able to recover. When the IRS came after this young family, they owed $7,400. Most tax resolution companies will not even look at a case if the amount owed is less than $10,000. After hiring American Tax Solutions, they got relief with an accepted offer in compromise for $643. That represents a 92% reduction in the tax amount owed.


“I’m Sure That The Many Others You Are Trying To Help Thank God.”

“I have been a client of yours for several years and I just got a call from Gwen. We reached a settlement with the IRS. This has been a long drawn out process. Gwen and Beth are outstanding people. They’re professional and know what they’re doing. I greatly appreciate the help that I’ve received from both these individuals.”

“Thank you all for your help and for your commitment to trying to help me. I’m sure the many others you are trying to help thank God. I thank you from the bottom of my heart… God bless you all and thank you very much.”

Curtiss & Carmen Peterson, Grove City, OH

Curtiss and Carmen got into tax trouble like many other small business by not making estimated tax payments. The Petersons retained American Tax Solutions to help them with a tax debt of more than $47,000. Originally, the plan was to settle with the IRS for $35,000. Unfortunately, the Peterson’s weren’t able to pay for it. American Tax Solutions did the next best thing, they negotiated an installment agreement based on the Petersons’ financial situation where the total amount paid to the IRS will be $10,000 dollars, resulting in a $37,000 savings.


“… I’m Finally Clear Of This Hanging Over Me For A Long, Long Time. I Now Feel Like I Can Proceed With My Life.”

“I want to thank all of you for everything that you’ve done for me… and the fact that I’m finally clear of this hanging over me for a long, long time. I now feel like I can proceed with my life. I have nothing left but at least I have the feeling that I have a chance to do something again and make my life into something. I’m terribly, terribly grateful to Gwen, Luis, to everyone who helped me and got me through this to the point where I’m completely clear.”

“I will never forget you all for it. Thank you.”

Paul Renard, Flossmoor, IL

Reputation, credibility, wondering if ATS does what it says it will do… Paul was referred to American Tax Solutions from a local IRS agent who knows Luis, one of our attorneys. Paul owed over $60,000 to the IRS. He submitted an Offer in Compromise (OIC) based on the equity in his home (which he was co-owner), his age, and medical issues. He was rejected. Ultimately, with help from American Tax Solutions, the IRS accepts Paul’s settlement offer of $7,230 on $60,000.


“… You Know, There’s A Lot Of People Who Are In My Situation. You Basically Did What You Said What You Were Gonna Do… Thank You.”

“American Tax Solutions helped me save over $10,000 on my tax debt to the IRS.”

“I had a very difficult case, but they were willing to take it on. It was tricky and they did a very good job. I was pleased with the settlement, and I was especially pleased by the work that Elizabeth did on my behalf. She really took a personal interest in me and my case. I felt like I had someone really fighting for me, on my behalf with the IRS. And it made all the difference, and I was pleased with the result. I would certainly recommend American Tax Solutions to anyone… You know, there’s a lot of people who are in my situation. You basically did what you said what you were gonna do… Thank you.”

Jeff Tatz, Lawrenceville, GA

After trying bankruptcy to resolve his tax problem – it didn’t work – then contacting many other tax resolution firms, Jeff hired American Tax Solutions when the IRS issued a levy. He was unable to pay his taxes because of losses in the stock market. American Tax Solutions helped him negotiate a settlement of the tax debt for $18,250 which saved nearly $15,000!


“A Big Burden Has Really, Really Been Lifted Off My Shoulders.”

“I was happy to hear that my offer has been accepted. I would really like to thank Amy, Sarah and anyone else who was working on my case for all of their hard work. I just want to say thank you so much. A big burden has really, really been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.”

Beverly Norman, Atlanta, GA

Having a “small” tax debt resulting from not having enough held back from her paycheck, before hiring American Tax Solutions, Beverly had a manageable installment agreement of $200 a month. After she had a car accident, where she became temporarily disabled, she defaulted on her payment plan. Her expectations after hiring American Tax Solutions: re-establish installment agreement and reduce penalties. After American Tax Solutions completed a full investigation of Beverly scenario, American Tax Solutions was able to successfully negotiate an offer in compromise settlement for $3,000! Beverly saved 70% on her tax debt.


“They’ve Helped Me So Much. They’ve Taken All The Stress Away.”

“I’ve been in a world of hurt because I’ve ignored my tax bills for 6 years now. Alex and his staff have put up with so much from me and my panic which is not their fault. It was mine because I didn’t do things right. They’ve helped me so much. They’ve taken all the stress away. They got my levy dropped. They got my tax pay off ready in a matter of 2 weeks. I love you all because I haven’t been an easy client but you guys really did take care of me and I love you all for it.”

Carol Seger, Waterloo, IA

Disabled and on a fixed income, Carol believed her disability income was not taxable so she didn’t file her tax returns for several years. The IRS determined that taxes were owed and assigned a local IRS field agent to collect it. After intense negotiation with the IRS Revenue Officer including fighting levies and lots of fact proving, American Tax Solutions helped Carol arrange for financing to pay off the IRS back tax and make sure that the problem would not reoccur in the future. The stress of having a local IRS agent for collections was eliminated.


“American Tax Solutions Definitely Saved My Financial Sanity… I Heard A Lot Of Horror Stories And That These (Tax Resolution) People Really Can’t Help… In This Case, American Tax Solutions Came Through.”

“I would like to make a testimony, that American Tax Solutions definitely saved my financial sanity. I started out and I heard a lot about different companies out there, a lot of people contacted me stating that they could help me, and I heard a lot of horror stories that these (tax resolution) people really couldn’t help me.”

“American Tax Solutions came through. I actually owed $129,000 over the past few years to the IRS. We tried an Offer in Compromise which turned out that it didn’t apply to me. But the people (at American Tax Solutions), especially Gwen, who I was working with her mostly in this transaction, were very attentive and very helpful. When the OIC didn’t apply, she negotiated with my Revenue Officer and got me an installment agreement which I was amazed at the amount of monthly payment that she negotiated. It was $100 a month for the first 3 years and then after that, it would be $500 a month for the next few years after that, I forgot how many years it is exactly, but at least I got 3 years at $100 per month and a total of $43,000 when I owed $129,000.”

“To me, I am thankful for that. It gives me enough room to get my finances in order, and also to eliminate all my debt, so when that $500 per month does kick in, I can definitely afford that, especially if I don’t have any car note or any other kind of payments. I just want to say thank you to American Tax Solutions office. Even if Gwen didn’t answer (her phone), I always got someone that could just pull it up on the computer and they knew exactly what I was trying to do and they could answer my questions or Gwen got back in a timely manner. It was really a pleasure working with this company. I didn’t have to pay all upfront for my services either, they even worked with me on a payment plan to take care of the fee.”

Ellis (Asked that his last name be withheld.), San Antonio, Texas

Ellis is a realtor, and like many self- employed people, got into tax trouble for failure to make estimated tax payments. He thought he owed $129,000 but American Tax Solutions discovered he really owed $180,000. We had to negotiated a partial pay install agreement. Total payments to be made to the IRS $45,600. Pay plan details: $100 per month for 3 years, $500 per month for 7 years.


“I Was Pleasantly And Professionally Supported…”

“I was pleasantly and professionally supported by American Tax Solutions and especially Brad who helped me close on a house sale for a lien. I’d like to offer my congratulations and thanks for a job well done. Thank you.”

Mike Humbert, Farmers Branch, TX

Mike hired American Tax Solutions owing over $115,000 to the IRS. To make matters worse, an IRS Revenue Officer was assigned to his case to enforce aggressive collections efforts immediately. Mike was in the midst of selling a property to help him pay for his IRS debt. American Tax Solutions helped him to navigate the minefield and get the result he wanted.


“We Came Back (On Appeal) And Then Everything Was In My Favor And (The IRS) Said I’d Get Back Somewhere Between $2800 And $3200.”

“I definitely want to leave a testimonial for the organization. We had done a penalty abatement that was actually disapproved. Then we came back (on appeal) and then everything was in my favor and they said (the IRS) I’d get back somewhere between $2800 and $3200. Thanks to Gwen and the rest of American Tax Solutions.”

Ray Dawson, Mission Viejo, CA

Ray hired us after he got behind paying taxes due when his wife was in a serious car accident and they were dealing with large medical bills. Ray was able to refinance his home to take care of the tax debt and American Tax Solutions recovered almost $3,000 in excessive penalties that the IRS had put on top of the original debt.


”I Had Been Pretty Skeptical About Doing This With The Investment, But I’m Very Pleased With The Job You Guys Have Done For Me.”

“About a year ago, I had been pretty skeptical about doing this with the investment, but I’m very pleased with the job you guys have done for me. If future customers want to ask me what I think, for the validity of it… my email address is [email protected], I’d be happy to let them know that I’m very happy and I don’t think I could have gotten this far with the IRS as quickly as they did for me. Thank you very much.”

Laura Costa, Wendell, ID

Laura owed $16,000 her tax debt started when she didn’t understand that she was being paid as an independent contractor. (1099 income). American Tax Solutions was able to get her settled via an Offer In Compromise for $100.


“I Had A Huge Tax Lien, American Tax Solutions Helped Whittle On It, Get It To A Manageable Amount And Got It Squared Up. (It’s A) Huge Relief.”

Jimmy Slack, Guymon, OK

Jimmy is a self-employed trucker. He called us owing $12,000 with several missing returns. American Tax Solutions helped him file and he ended up owing $17,000. American Tax Solutions helped him settle with the IRS through the Offer in Compromise for $97.00.


“The Prayers I Said Were Answered. Thank You So Much… The Final Bill On My Tax Is Less Than 10% Of What I Owed.”

“I had been working with Sarah and to resolve my tax issue and I want you to know I am so very pleased that the final bill on my tax is a little less than 10% of what I originally owed. This has helped me tremendously financially as I was truly unable to pay my taxes on time. I just want you to know I give thanks to all of you, especially to Sarah for I think she went out of her way to help me faster than normally would have been faster. I prayed for a faster resolution once I found out how efficient Sarah was. The prayers I said were answered. Thank you so much.”

Carolyn Kirchen, Clinton Township, MI

Self-employed as a paramedical examiner, Carolyn was unaccustomed to having no taxes withheld from her pay. She got so far behind with taxes and other debts that she advised to declare bankruptcy. Unfortunately, the bankruptcy didn’t take care of her tax problems. Carolyn hired American Tax Solutions to negotiate a settlement with the IRS. She was deeply fearful of the IRS seizing her entire paycheck with a wage garnishment. American Tax Solutions helped Carolyn settle her $12,000 debt for only $1,786. That’s an 85% reduction.


“I Thought We Were In A Position To Get Hammered Yet Again And These Guys Worked Out A Very Favorable Plan Where We Can Actually Breathe.”

“I wanted to leave a testimonial regarding the fine work that American Tax Solutions and specifically Tony and Laura did in arranging an interim payment plan with the IRS. I thought we were in a position to get hammered yet again and these guys worked out a very favorable plan where we can actually breathe. I am very, very pleased and I just wanted to say that. Thank you so much to American Tax Solutions and these two hard working individuals. I really appreciate it.”

Paul Gerken, NY

Paul reaped the benefits of our time-tested, two-phase approach to resolving tax problems. American Tax Solutions was able to halt short-term aggressive collection action by the IRS by non the long-term resolution of his tax problem. Negotiating a temporary payment plan that worked with Paul’s budget.


Owed $62,000, Paid to the IRS: $1,100

“It’s Funny… Over The Last Couple Years That This Has Been Going On, We’ve Actually Formed A Little Bit Of A Friendship.”

“I want to let you know that I’m very happy with the services provided to me by you guys regarding my offer in compromise. Gwen has been an unbelievable help to me. It’s funny… over the last couple years that this has been going on, we’ve actually formed a little bit of a friendship. Thank you for everything. You’ve done a great job.”

Tina Arcuri, North Bellmore, NY

Getting from tax debt to tax resolution can be a long drawn out process. Tina hired American Tax Solutions to help her deal with the IRS while she sold her home. She ended up with an accepted offer of $1,100 on a $62,000 IRS debt.


“You Cannot Believe How Much Anxiety And Stress Your Company’s Actions Has Freed Us From.”

“Carol, once again thank you so much. You need to tell everyone who has worked with us on our files how happy we are and how well we have been taken care of. You cannot believe how much anxiety and stress your company’s actions has freed us from.”

Jeffrey Poole, Edmonds, WA

The Pooles got in trouble with the IRS for not filing tax returns for several years. This resulted in a huge tax debt which surprised them since they usually received tax refunds. American Tax Solutions helped them file their missing returns and negotiated with the IRS to reduce penalties.


“American Tax Solutions Have Exceeded My Expectations…

The Tax Defenders Reviews Al Phillips“American Tax Solutions have exceeded my expectations in what I was going to be dealing with in resolving my tax issues. They were both very professional, courteous and they were extremely efficient in handling my problem. They found a final solution far before I thought the end would reach and the total was under what I expected so I thank them very much.”

Al Phillips, Whitehall, PA

Being compensated as an independent contractor puts the responsibility for taxes squarely on the employee. IRS rules require self employed people to make estimated tax payments quarterly. Al was an independent contractor who had gotten behind on his quarterly payments. He tried hard to fix the situation by setting up installment agreements to pay back taxes but when he also had to make quarterly estimated tax payments, he broke down. Ultimately, American Tax Solutions helped him settle his 24,000 tax debt for $630 through an Offer in Compromise.


Owed $20,000. Offer in Compromise Accepted for $4,000.

“I Had Many Letters From Different Companies Telling Me That They Could Fix The Problems But After Reading Through All Of Them, I Thought That American Tax Solutions Was The Best One. They Made Me Feel At Ease And They Had A Guarantee…”

“For quite a while I’ve been having some problems with the IRS owing them about $20,000. It’s been a couple of years of ups and downs and it’s been really hard to reach them. I had many letters from different companies telling me that they could fix the problems but after reading through all of them, I thought that American Tax Solutions was the best one. They made me feel at ease and they had a guarantee. After talking with them, they finally helped me settle with the IRS for $4,000, I’m very grateful to that and all the work they put into it. It’s just one of those feel-good moments that I’ve had this year. It’s taken a big load off my shoulders and once again I’d like to thank American Tax Solutions for helping me out in this situation. Thank you.”

Rogelio Delgado, Floresville, TX

Rogelio hired the American Tax Solutions after the IRS caught up with him for filing exempt on W-4. Rogelio had was financially juggling two households along with child support. The American Tax Solutions helped him reduce his debt to just a fraction of what he owed.


Owed $65,000. IRS accepted Offer in Compromise of $748. Saved 99.9%!

“The American Tax Solutions Did Such A Wonderful Job. It’s Only Been 2 Years And We Finally Settled With The IRS. We Thought This Was Gonna Be An Ongoing Thing For The Next 10 Yrs.”

“I wanted to let you know that Gwen, Norman and all the people at the American Tax Solutions did such a wonderful job. It’s only been 2 years and we finally settled with the IRS. We thought this was gonna be an ongoing thing for the next 10 yrs.”

“You know what? Y’all have done it! I want to thank so very much.”

“Our 65,000 debt was compromised at $748 and we already paid 20% of it. It’s unbelievable how wonderful your people are as long as we give them accurate documents. They can do what’s asked of them to do. Now as far as everyone else who doesn’t give you accurate documents and obviously, you guys are left hanging. We were right with it. You guys were right with it. And the combination worked.”

“Thank you so very much from the Jensens in Virginia.”

Robert & Kathy Jensen, Sandston, VA

Robert hired American Tax Solutions after falling behind from not being able to make required estimated tax payments while self-employed. He figured he’d pay everyone else first and he could live on what was left over – but he never figured in those quarterly payments. Robert and Kathy were homeowners but the IRS froze his ability to refinance with a federal tax lien. American Tax Solutions helped Robert and Kathy start fresh with by settling with the IRS for $748 – reducing their debt to just 1% of what they owed.


“Don’t Have Second Thoughts With Going With Their Firm. They Do What They Say.”

“I just wanna (make) a little comment about the American Tax Solutions. I fought this for two years of my own and three years with the American Tax Solutions. They relieved a lot of stress for me trying to fight with the IRS alone. No, it wasn’t that my taxes owed were so much. It accumulated to over 12,000 or 13,000 dollars and I think and the settlement came in at $1,060 something bucks. The IRS just continued to make me jump through hoops and, you know, I’m grateful to the American Tax Solutions for being the buffers. So, don’t have second thoughts with going with their firm. They do what they say. Thank you.”

William Votaw, Glendale, AZ

William pulled out retirement money early when he was very ill. He needed it to pay for medical expenses and surviving while he was sick. He felt like he was getting the run-around from the IRS and he just wanted to get it resolved. He hired the American Tax Solutions to help him get rid of his tax debt and start with a clean slate.


“In A Matter Of 2 Hrs, The Levy Was Released And We Were Able To Get Our Money… They (American Tax Solutions) Helped Us Out Big Time.”

“We recently had a problem with the IRS that we couldn’t handle ourselves. The IRS was claiming we owed them a specific amount of money from the 2004 tax season. They actually came after us and put a levy on our bank account.

“So we hired the American Tax Solutions to see if we could get the levy released. It was a big ordeal because we were in the middle of moving, we had no money, were not able to access any of our funds, and since some of our bills were set up electronically, the bank was charging us overdraft fees and also we were getting ready to go on vacation but we had no money.”

“One of the representatives at the American Tax Solutions said it would take probably in all likelihood take 2 weeks to get the levy released. And after we talked with George, in a matter of 2 hrs, the levy was released and we were able to get our money. That is what happened with us.”

“We appreciate the American Tax Solutions’ services. They helped us out big time. Thank you.”

Jacob Hayes & Angie Renick, Ashland, OR

Jacob hired the American Tax Solutions after $8,000 was seized from his bank account. The most difficult part of the situation is that he and his wife only owed $7,000. Being self-employed, Jacob’s wife always made her estimated tax deposits on time. There was confusion over one year where the Hayes family received a big refund followed by a tax debt. Jacob ignored the situation until the IRS levied his bank account. The IRS was inflexible about their requests for relief and the American Tax Solutions was able to clear up the confusion, release the funds and set them up on a very manageable payment plan to take care of their liability on their terms not on terms the IRS wanted.


“I Estimate That I Saved Up To $87,000.”

“Thank you so much to Gwen and her fabulous team. I had been fighting with the IRS for years, trying to get my situation resolved. Instead, every IRS agent I spoke to told me a different story and refused to honor any arrangement another agent authorized. Meanwhile, the penalties just kept adding up. It was a nightmare.”

“Gwen and her team helped resolve the entire situation and allowed me to settle with the IRS for a fraction of what their “latest” report showed. I estimate that I saved up to $87,000. And that does not even include the ongoing headache (and futility) of dealing with the IRS that the American Tax Solutions took over and handled for me.”

“Of all the team members I spoke with, special kudos go out to Gwen. When she spoke with me, she took the time to really explain what was going on, which possible steps we might take and what to expect each step of the way. I’m not ashamed to admit that her figurative hand-holding stopped me (several times!) from pulling my hair out.”

“I am now so relieved everything is resolved and that I can start over with a clean slate. Thanks again to all the team at the American Tax Solutions.”

Dawn Von Graff, Windermere, FL

Dawn operated a small businesses with a few partners. She found herself liable for employee withholding taxes, i.e. 941s, when she learned that her partner who was supposed to be making tax payments was not. Her partner declared bankruptcy and never talked to Dawn again. The IRS went after Dawn for all of the tax debt – even though she had a partner in the business. American Tax Solutions helped Dawn eliminate the employee withholding tax debt since the business was no longer in operation and Dawn took care of the remaining 1040 taxes which were manageable. Dawn saved nearly over $85,000 by hiring American Tax Solutions.


“I Wanted To Tell You How Very Pleased And Happy I Am At The Way You Handled My Case…”

“I wanted to tell you how very pleased and happy I am at the way you handled my case. I never, ever called that they didn’t assure me or give me some sort of moral support and I’m very happy with the way that they processed all of my IRS claim, and the negotiations they did with my revenue officer who was very, very obstinate with me and did not cooperate at all. You know, I appreciate all of you guys, for everything that you did for our company. Thank you.”

Nora Nitz, Libuse, LA

Nora hired the American Tax Solutions to help keep her clinic open so that 40 mentally ill patients would not have to be released if the business was closed. Her business was being threatened by very aggressive IRS collections actions. The American Tax Solutions stepped in to negotiate realistic repayment terms that allowed the business to keep operating .


“I Was, Needless To Say, Just Over Stressed And Really, Really Bothered By This And In Working With You To Rectify This… (It) Has Been Overwhelmingly Successful…”

“I came to the American Tax Solutions with a pretty serious problem regarding the IRS. was needless to say just over stressed and really, really bothered by this and in working with you throughout these months trying to rectify this, especially working with Alex and his team at the American Tax Solutions, has been just overwhelmingly successful. I am very pleased with the outcome. fact, you know my offer in compromise has been accepted and should be cleared up within the next couple of weeks. so much.”

Cheryl Daley, Cologne, NJ

Sometimes other matters deserve more attention than taxes. Cheryl was taking care of her sister who had taken ill as well as her elderly father. To make matters worse, her trusted CPA passed away in the midst of clearing up some stock transactions on her tax return. Cheryl received relief emotionally as well as financially when the IRS accepted her offer of $1,200. Her original debt was $16,000.


”I’m Just Proud To Say That The American Tax Solutions Saved Me…”

“I’m just proud to say that the American Tax Solutions saved me. gave me a great opportunity for me and my family to buy the house of my dreams and they settled my tax debt for way less that I thought it would be. , thank you. you. you very much.”

Eric Revely, Lynchburg, VA

Eric hired us after a horrible experience with another large, national tax resolution firm. He paid a large sum and received no relief. The American Tax Solutions recommended a strategy to him to help him erase his liability and remove liens that were preventing him from purchasing his dream home.


“They Were Diligent, Wonderful, Friendly, I Love It! They Saved Us Everything, They Saved Us Our Home, You Name It.”

“The American Tax Solutions worked with us for 39 months to get this handled. They were diligent, wonderful, friendly, I love it! They saved us everything, they saved us our home, you name it. And I appreciate everything they did and they did a lot. So, thank you very much. And if anybody needs to talk to me for any reason, you’re free to call me. Thank you.”

Karl & Lisa Vitovic, Lilburn, GA

When a taxpayer receives income as 1099 – it is untaxed. The tax payer is required to make estimated tax payments quarterly. Many people, like the Vitovics, have a hard time complying with this requirement. They hoped to have to have enough at the end of year to take care of the debt. By the time they hired the American Tax Solutions, they had amassed a $47,000 tax bill and the IRS had levied their bank account. The American Tax Solutions is happy to report the IRS accepted a settlement for $4,174 significantly reducing the debt and giving the Vitovics a fresh start. The American Tax Solutions also negotiated favorable terms with the state of Georgia to prevent further collection actions against them.


“I Want To Thank Everybody Very Much For Helping Us Out With Our Tax Problem…”

“I want to thank everybody very much for helping us out with our tax problem and it has been a pleasure. Everybody has been great. Laura has been great and easy to work with and understanding and she’s done a great job and I wanted to let you know and thanks again.”

Randall & Susan Newburn, Columbus MI

Between keeping a small business running and generating enough income to live, the Newburns found themselves racking up tax debt. After getting so far behind that they could never catch up, Susan hired the American Tax Solutions to help them get their problem solved. Owed 41,000, Offer accepted for $3,840, a 91% reduction.


Owed $65,000, Paid to the IRS: $340

“My Debt That I Owed The Government Was $65,000 And I Just Had An Offer Accepted At $340. “

“I want to tell you what a great job you and your company have done. My debt that I owed the government was $65,000 and I just had an offer accepted at $340.”

Doreen Couso, Ronkonkoma, NY

Self-employed as a realtor, Doreen had good years and not so good years. She never got around to making regular estimated tax payments. At the end of the year, she would owe and figured she could catch up next year. Doreen’s debt became unmanageable and she needed help. Her Offer in Compromise was accepted. She saved over 99%. Paying just $340 on $65,000 debt!


Owed 9,000, Settled for $460.

“Thank You For All Your Help, All Your Effort To Help Me Get My Tax Debt Practically Erased…”

“This is for Amy and the whole staff there at the American Tax Solutions. Amy, thank you for all your help, all your effort to help me get my tax debt practically erased off my situation here. appreciate it. I thank you and I can’t say enough about how good you guys are. you and I will refer you to anybody else who has been in this situation. Once again, thank you. was really a good help. .”

Bruce Jones, Lauderhill, FL

Bruce hired the American Tax Solutions to untangle a tax return mess. Both he and wife filed separately but each claimed the children for 2 years. Bruce tried to contact the IRS to resolve the matter and the IRS wanted payment in full. As time passed, excessive penalties and interest made the debt impossible for Bruce to pay back.


Owed 27,000, Paid to the IRS: $0

“Then I hired The American Tax Solutions… What A Relief… They’re Miracle Workers. They Got Me Out Of This Jam…”

“About 15 years ago, I started getting myself into a jam with my taxes. I had lawyers telling me I didn’t have to pay taxes on my money that I was receiving. And then about five years later, they all said ‘okay, well, you do have to pay taxes on it.’ So, I kept it up and kept it up and they were fighting a little bit and all of a sudden I owed a whole bunch of money on my taxes.”

“Then I hired the American Tax Solutions… What a relief… They’re miracle workers. They got me out of this jam… Every night I couldn’t sleep. Me and my wife were so worried. I owed a lot, a lot, a lot of money but Alex is fantastic in his job. If you ever get in trouble you can call me or call Alex, he will do the best that he can to relieve you of your problems.”

“I thank you again for your help and I thank you all.”

Les Schafferman, Seaford, DE

Les who is disabled, on a fixed income, and coming out of bankruptcy received bad advice and unfortunately for him, acted on it, leaving him with a tax debt that he would never get out of. American Tax Solutions negotiated with the IRS to stop all collections activity immediately and indefinitely. Now, Les and wife can breathe more easily and not have to worry about bank levies or garnishments.


“I Had A Debt Of Like $50,000 And The Payoff Ended Up Being Like $362.”

“I had been working with Laura to get my tax debt resolved. American Tax Solutions and Laura have done a great job. I had a debt of like $50,000 and the pay off ended up being like $362. God bless you and thank you very much.”

Rusty Benjamin, Bradenton, FL

Before Rusty hired American Tax Solutions, his business had failed and he was forced into bankruptcy. The bankruptcy did NOT fix his tax problems. The IRS was relentless garnishing his wages and keeping his tax refunds every year. After helping him get back into compliance, we helped him settle his $50,000 debt for a little bit less than 1% of the original amount owed – just $362!


“I Would Not Hesitate to Have Anybody Call American Tax Solutions and Use Them.”

“In my association with American Tax Solutions, they did a superb job and I would recommend them to everybody. All the people that I dealt with there were excellent. I would not hesitate to have anybody call them and use them (to help with your tax problems). I thank you very much.”

Roger Wright, Merritt Island, FL

Running a business can sometimes lead to very serious tax problems. Roger owed over $210,000 to the IRS before having to declare bankruptcy. Roger was serious about solving his tax debt and hired another large national firm to help him. However, after many broken promises for relief and several thousands of dollars wasted, Roger decided to go another route and hire American Tax Solutions. With help from American Tax Solutions, Roger’s entire $210,000 was completely eliminated. That’s right, amount paid to the IRS: ZERO!


Owed: $60,000. Paid to the IRS: $9,627 — Saved Over $50,000!

“Hard to Believe That Everything is Taken Care of. Once Again thank you, I really appreciate it. I was able to get my life back. .”

“I’d just like to say I was very pleased with everything. Throughout the whole process you guys were great. Hard to believe that everything is taken care of. Once again thank you, I really appreciate it. I was able to get my life back. Hopefully you guys can help a lot more people out.”

James McTague Hastings, MN

Jim was self employed and admittedly operated his business poorly by not planning for estimated tax payments. The IRS eventually caught up with him and made his life miserable. Ultimately, American Tax Solutions help Jim settle with the IRS for $9,627 on a debt that was over $60,000. .


“I Never Had to Worry about Timing, about Dates, She (the paralegal assigned to help me) Was Always Right There. “

“I just want to say that I had wonderful service. You all were very helpful. My paralegal that helped me was right on top of things. I never had to worry about timing, about dates, she was always right there. I owed $112,000 and my Offer in Compromise came to $6,000. It was pretty exciting. I very much appreciate everything that American Tax Solutions did for me, so just wanted to let you know that and thank you.”

Taryn Lawrence Santa Barbara, CA

Taryn’s tax debt was the result of signing joint tax returns while her husband continued to operate a failing business. Taryn believed herself to be an innocent spouse. After they divorced, the IRS harassed Taryn as if she was responsible for actually creating the debt. American Tax Solutions helped Taryn effectively eliminate the liability with an accepted Offer in Compromise of $6,000 on a debt that was well over $100,000!


“I Appreciate Her and the Firm That Took Care of These Taxes.”

“I just wanted to call up and compliment the young lady that has been handling my tax situation, not only is she very, very courteous but she is very thorough.Evidently, she works very later hours because of the times that she has had to call me.I just like to let you know that you have got a real asset there in your firm.When I first went with you all, I wasn’t to sure… you know I just read your postcard.After I got Beth, she carried through on everything.I was just really impressed with her, and I appreciate her and the firm that took care of these taxes. I believe we about got them resolved here.You got a good girl, I just want to let you know it.Thank you.”

Larry Hiatt, Cana, VA

Larry arrived at Tax Defenders during a difficult time in his life. He had recently suffered from several strokes and open heart surgery.In addition to the health challenges, he also received news that the IRS rejected his Offer and Compromise.After investigating Larry’s case, American Tax Solutions determined that an Offer and Compromise would be a difficult, but viable option.After deciding to move forward with our recommendations, he was able to develop a close relationship with his paralegal, who steered him through the offer process.After a long tough fight, his OIC was accepted for $22,844 on an original debt of $69,213.


“I Will Definitely Be Recommending You Guys to Anyone I Hear of that Needs Any Kind of Help With Tax Situations.”

“I was just calling to thank you guys so much for everything you have done, especially Beth. She has been absolutely wonderful. I got a call from her today saying that my OIC was accepted by the IRS, so I am thrilled beyond belief. I have worked with two other companies before I discovered you guys and both of them took all my money and went out of business and were no help, they actually made my situation worse. I am not the best client when it comes to getting extend my deep gratitude towards Beth, she has been a lifesaver, you all have. And I just appreciate everything that paperwork and gathering up because I am a little disorganized, I must admit. Beth has stuck with me with reminder calls she keeps me update she calls me with everything that has changed or for additional information, and she is wonderful. She is definitely an asset to your company. I thank you so much not only for helping me out, but for hiring her. And please ou have done. Thank you again Beth, if you get this message by any chance or if someone passes it on you are a life saver and I will definitely be recommending you guys to anyone I hear of that needs any kind of help with tax situations. Thank you very much again and have a great day!”

Patrice Chase Laveen, AZ

Patrice Chase hired two other companies which were unable (or unwilling) to help her resolve her tax debt before she found American Tax Solutions. At the time she hired ATS, Patrice owed the IRS $35,000 and with our help she was able to get an Offer in Compromise accepted for $1,999 which translates to a reduction of over 94 percent! Patrice paid a little over 5 cents on each dollar of tax debt.


“I Just Want to Thank You Folks for Helping Me Out With My Debt For $20,000 and now I only have to pay $44 to finish my debt.”

“I just want to thank you folks for helping me out with my debt for $20,000 and now I only have to pay $44 to finish my debt. I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help. Thank you!”

Saveo Sao, Honolulu, HI

Saveo Sau came to American Tax Solutions owing six years of back taxes. She had been set on an installment agreement with the IRS that she could not afford. After getting Ms. Sao caught up on tax returns, American Tax Solutions was able to get her an Offer in Compromise accepted for only $55 when her original debt was a little over $20,000!


Owed $30,000 — Paid the IRS: $7,000

“Overall I Ended Up Paying About One-Quarter of What I Owed .”

“I Just want to let you know that I was very happy with my outcome. My name is Timothy Aho. Laura (and everyone at American Tax Solutions) worked really hard on my case for a long time. They were very friendly, very easy to work with. Everything went smoothly, Laura was always very friendly, and helpful and she was great to work with. I was hoping for a little bit of a smaller settlement, but overall I ended up paying about one-quarter of what I owed. Thank you very much.

Timothy Aho, Pensacola, FL

Timothy signed up with the Tax Defenders feeling skeptical. He paid another large national tax firm thousands of dollars and did not receive any results. Timothy is mural painter and gets paid on a 1099 form – all income he receives is un-taxed. He was unable to keep up with estimated tax payments. After determining that Timothy was a good candidate for an Offer in Compromise, ATS assigned a paralegal to help him. She communicated with him on a regular basis and made him feel comfortable throughout the process. In the end, his offer in compromise was accepted for $7,182.00 a savings a little over seventy-five percent!


“They Came Up With a Great Settlement With the Feds and the Feds Are Now Releasing My Liens”

“I hired the Tax Defenders to work my federal income tax. I just wanted to say that they did a real marvelous job on it. They came up with a great settlement with the feds and the feds are now releasing my liens, so that is good. Thanks!”

Daniel Peterson, Northridge, CA

In 2002, Dan got sick and was forced to close his business.Moreover, he failed to file tax returns for several years which resulted in several years worth of back taxes.When he hired Tax Defenders, the IRS had served him with a wage levy making it tough for him to make ends meet.Tax Defenders was able to get the levy released by placing his file into a non-collectible status with the IRS.After releasing his levy and straightening out his tax return issues, Tax Defenders submitted an offer that was accepted for $435 on an original tax debt of $28,979!That means Dan saved almost 99 percent on his debt!


“I want to show my appreciation to Beth and to Tax Defenders for their help in resolving the situation I had with the IRS for an audit back in ‘92”

“I want to show my appreciation to Beth and to Tax Defenders for their help in resolving the situation I had with the IRS for an audit back in 92.I would just like to again, tell you how much I appreciate working with you and your professionalism in resolving this matter. Thank you.”

Marvin McGovern, Omaha, NE

Marvin came to Tax Defenders after working unsuccessfully with another tax company.In addition to not receiving a resolution from a large national firm, his social security was levied.Tax Defenders removed the levy on Marvin’s social security, but after a couple months later the IRS did it again.To end the threat of levies, the Tax Defenders submited an Offer in Compromise to the IRS.The IRS accepted an Offer for $500 on a tax debt of a little over $35,000!That means he paid a little more then one percent of his total tax debt!


Owed: 29,540 Paid to the IRS: $9,850 Saved: nearly $20,000!

“You guys have been great!”

“I want to comment regarding the work you did on my husband’s tax debt. I worked with Laura.She was very pleasant to work with and answered all my questions. I appreciate all your services that you have given us.I don’t know if there is anything else.You guys have been great!Thank you have a good day!

Donald & Jackie Eisenmenger, North Branch, MN

The Eisenmengers got into trouble when they did not have sufficient taxes withheld from their paycheck. American Tax Solutions instructed Jackie and Donald how to correct the under witholding issue, which stopped the continued accumulation of new tax debt.We positioned the Eisenmengers for submission of an Offer in Compromise that the end was result was an accepted offer of $9,850 on a debt of $29,540!They saved almost $20,000!


“I was very satisfied with the work”

“I just want to say I worked with George (and everyone else at ATS) on this case, and you all did help me a lot. I am very pleased with the service. I found ATS’s telephone, and they investigated my whole case. I was very satisfied with the work.”

Diana Altieri, Highland, NY

Diane came to American Tax Solutions after trying to negotiate with the IRS on her own and negotiating a payment plan that was not affordable. Diane had gotten into tax debt when she used money set aside for taxes to pay for her son’s surgery. Back on her feet financially, in a job where taxes are withheld, American Tax Solutions was able to re-negotiate terms for repayment to the IRS that were more favorable for Diane.


“I Was In Debt Beyond Belief. Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars In Debt and I Was Worried… Thanks to ATS, I Could Sleep Nights Good Again.”

“I was in debt beyond belief. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and I was worried. I don’t know what to do, I didn’t know where to go, I didn’t know who to turn to. I was referred to ATS by another person that I knew that had a problem before. I went through the process and I just thought it was hopeless for me. There was no way I could feel I could get out of this. They stuck with me, they took me through the process, hand by hand, step by step, took me along the way with courtesy and integrity all the way throughout the entire process. I would go to bat with these guys anytime if they need me for anything.Now, I’m to the point where my debt will be alleviated in 2008 at a minimum cost. Thanks to ATS, I could sleep nights good again. I just want to say, anybody, ANYBODY with a tax problem, don’t listen to all the rest, come to the best: ATS, that’s who they are, ATS. Thank you.

John Craft, Jr. Chicago, IL

The threat of wage garnishment got John’s attention. For several years, he buried his head in the sand– failed to file, failed to pay until his tax debt reached a quarter of a million dollars!. The IRS assigned a Revenue Officer and began aggressive collection tactics. John hired American Tax Solutions to help with the garnishment- which we lifted after just one meeting with the officer. American Tax Solutions also helped John negotiate a very favorable repayment plan: just $529 a month which agrees with his budget and protects him against further aggressive collection actions like wage garnishments or bank levies.


Owed $24,000 , Paid to IRS: $4,650 SAVED :$19,350!

“They went to bat for me and really got a good settlement.Everything was reasonable.“

Tax Defenders helped me out a great deal.I had a very sticky tax issue.They went to bat for me and really got a good settlement.Everything was reasonable.It was so good having them to work with the IRS.I highly recommend them.

Gabrielle Guedet, Sacramento, CA

Feeling frustrated and frankly upset, after the IRS seized nearly $4,000 from her bank account, Gabrielle made the decision to get professional help. After lifting the bank levy, and recovering nearly $3,600, the Tax Defenders helped this 66 year old self-employed psychologist on a fixed income save a ton of money with relief through the Offer in Compromise. The experience saved her over $19,000!


“When I started with this I owed $13,449 and thanks to you all…the IRS has agreed that I have to pay ZERO!”

“I contacted you all and had you all help me with income taxes where they had audited me.When I started with this I owed $13,449 and thanks to you all and also to Gwen Moore the IRS has agreed that I have to pay ZERO on my account.I definitely appreciate you all’s help very much – hopefully I don’t have to need you all anymore but if I do I will definitely get in touch with you all.I really appreciate everything you have done with me.Thank You!

Beverly Miles, Chicago, IL

Beverly got in trouble with the IRS when both she and her boyfriend claimed her children on their tax returns. Because of some difficult financial trials, she turned to the Tax Defenders to get her relief. The Tax Defenders stopped IRS collections efforts against her. Ultimately, on a debt of over $13,000, she will pay nothing! Unique circumstances, Exceptional Results!


“I would highly recommend the company to anyone who is having problems, and we are quite satisfied with the results that we received with the company.”

“Hello we are the Abners from Florida.We are just calling to say that we greatly appreciate the help that the Tax Defenders were able to give for us in helping us to resolve our problem with the IRS.They were quite powerful and instrumental in helping us to settle the case.What started out as a huge debt that we eventually paid we were successful in getting back a financial rebate from the penalties that were also incurred with the taxes that we owed.I would highly recommend the company to anyone who is having problems, and we are quite satisfied with the results that we received with the company.We thank them so very much!We hope that my testimonial will be instrumental in guiding someone else to your firm so that they also can be resolved with the tax problems they are going through.”

Willie and Gloria Abner, Riviera Beach, FL

Willie and Gloria came to the Tax Defenders with almost $40,000 of tax debt. The root of the problem for the Abner’s came from Willie’s 1099 taxes.As a 1099 taxpayer, the taxpayer is responsible for paying his or her own taxes.A slough of medical bills for several years made it difficult for Willie to pay his 1099 taxes and it soon added up to a formidable $40,000 tax debt.To resolve the tax debt, the Abners decided that by using the equity in their home they could obtain a speedy resolution.The Tax Defenders helped them put the loan through with the bank and ensured that the IRS would not attempt enforced collections during the loan process.After paying off their debt, Tax Defenders successfully argued a penalty abatement.The penalty abatement resulted in the IRS returning $7,665.04 of penalties to them!


“Thank you again, tax defenders for assisting us and helping us in making life so much easier.”

“Hello, I’m one of the clients of the tax defenders and I am very happy and pleased on how the tax defenders have handled my case, my husbands and my case.We did owe the government money, the IRS money and the tax defenders represented us so well and everything just turned out just fantastic and now they have talked to the government…negotiated with the government and the negotiations ended up in our favor. so we don’t have to pay that large amount of money that we owe the government back.I would recommend the tax defenders to anyone, and everyone, around the United States of America, and if at all possible outside our nation.Thank you again, tax defenders for assisting us and helping us in making life so much easier.You have a good day.”

Jim and Yvonne Davis, Houston, TX

Many taxpayers have not heard of CSED or collection statute expiration dates. Jim and Yvonne, like the majority of taxpayers, had not heard of CSED.During the initial investigation conducted by Tax Defenders, it was discovered that $15,000 of a total debt of $18,000 was about to CSED.The Tax Defenders ensured that Jim and Yvonne did not do anything to extend the collection statute expiration dates.After the IRS was no longer legally able to collect on the debt, Tax Defenders helped them the Davis’s get on a favorable installment agreement to pay the remaining $3000 worth of debt.


“They have done me a service in a very efficient and effective manner met all my needs in an effective manner with professionalism also”

“Yes.I just want to say thanks to the Tax Defenders.They have done me a service in a very efficient and effective manner met all my needs in an effective manner with professionalism also.I just want to say thanks and they have done a good job, and I hope to be doing business with them in the future.”

Tyrone Moore, Philadelphia, PA

Tyrone Moore thought he had resolved his tax problem with an installment agreement, but when he was unable to pay his 2005 taxes it ended the installment agreement.After the installment agreement was broken, he hoped to refinance his home to lower his interest rate and to pay off most of his tax debt.The Tax Defenders helped him negotiate with his bank to refinance his home, which enabled him to pay off the lion’s share of his tax debt.After Tyrone paid most of his debt, Tax Defenders placed Tyrone on an affordable installment agreement, and we have helped insure that he won’t owe on future tax returns, so can pay off his tax debt without anymore difficulty.


“This organization is better then sliced bread.I don’t know what else to say.”

I just want to thank you so much.This organization is better then sliced bread.I don’t know what else to say.They are very dependable, they are honest, and they support you to the utmost.I just want to thank Laura.She was the greatest.They are always so polite.Have a good day!

Joan Tavares-Avant, Mashpee, MA

After a nasty divorce, Joan’s financial situation deteriorated quickly. She did not have enough taxes withheld from her paycheck. The Tax Defenders was able to get garnishment on Joan’s social security check released and get her protection against further aggressive collections by the IRS. So far, on the 41,000 owed to the IRS, she’s paid ZERO—and in no collections danger.


76,000 Settled with the IRS for just $1,000!

“I get emotional talking about thisI am calling to express my incredible gratitude for the tax defenders and what they did for me”

“My name is Stella and I”m calling to express…I get emotional talking about thisI am calling to express my incredible gratitude for the tax defenders and what they did for me.I had a problem with IRS for let’s see over 7 years and, really for 7 years I just lived with this big black dark cloud just hanging over my head. November of 2005, I hired the tax defenders and it was actually I spoke with several different companies.I spoke with Jack Manhire and just from his demeanor and his tone and how respectful he was towards me even though I had this incredible problem.I just felt really comfortable working with them and hiring them. I have to tell you this was one of the best, the best, the best, decisions I have ever made.They were incredible from start to end.I have to say one of the most incredible things that I appreciate about them I called and I emailed and not once was I treated like I was less then an incredible human being.They were just so respectful from start to end.They just have resolved my debt I had over $100,000 that I owe to IRS.It was close to like $108,000 something like that and they resolved it for me for $2000.It was just unbelievable!I actually hesitated calling and leaving this testimonial until I got the final letter from the IRS.I have the final letter, I am sending in my payment, and I am done! I can breathe again!If you are in a situation like this hire them. Rest assured that they are experts in this field.Do not get frustrated supply them with any paper work they ask for.Do your part and rest assured that they will do there part.They are experts they know what they are doing.You are great hands when you hire this company.I just can not say enough about them.I am just so emotional every time I talk about this.They are an incredible company!Amy B was the one who worked with me, and Alex Harris who is the attorney there, just incredible professionals return emails, return phone calls.If you do there part and supply them with whatever they ask for, they will do there part.Good luck!My problem is resolved and I hope yours will be resolved soon too!”

Stella Ballasanian, Burbank, CA

At the start of 2005, Stella knew that she was already in trouble with a large tax debt.Making things more complicated, her husband had just lost his job and she recently gave birth to a baby girl.The stress and emotion of all of everything all at once made it extremely difficult for her to also cope with her Tax problem.At the end of the year, Stella hired the Tax Defenders to assist in a resolution of her tax debt.During our investigation we concluded that she would qualify for an offer.After working with Stella to get her into compliance with the IRS and coaching her through gathering up her materials, she was ready to submit an offer to the IRS.Thankfully, her offer was accepted for $1000 on an original tax debt of $76,393.The elimination of her tax problem has allowed her to have a new lease on life.


“I did not believe I could get out of that without paying at least $30,000, because of Tax Defenders I only had to pay like $500 or $400.It was unbelievable!

My name is Victor Janze.I am from Pennsylvania.I owed the federal government $32,000 in debt in past income taxes.I did not believe I could get out of that without paying at least $30,000, because of Tax Defenders I only had to pay like $500 or $400.It was unbelievable!I would recommend Tax Defenders to anybody who was problems with income tax, and I am sure that they will be able to help you.Good luck, bye.

Victor Janze, Centreville, VA

When Victor hired on Tax Defenders, he had a tax return that was going through an audit review process.The Tax Defenders found that Victor was living largely on loans from his parents and his brother to make ends meet.Since Victor was relying so heavily on family loans, Tax Defenders recommended that he move forward with an offer and compromise rather then continuing to pursue the audit of an old tax year.The end result was an accepted offer for $482.00 on a debt of $32,620.14!

Please note: these client cases are not a guarantee of particular results in your case

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