Warning! If you received a certificate letter from the IRS, contact us immediately.

If certain steps are not followed, you could lose your rights.

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“I would like to thank George and his staff for helping me out and working with me on my IRS problem. I would just like to say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for making my day and helping me with this bad situation. I would recommend you to anybody else who needs help with their income tax problems.”

The Tax Defenders | Danny Smith Testimonial

Danny Smith – North Carolina

Owed $132,000, Paid to the IRS: $4,300

The Tax Defenders | 5 Star Rating

“I just want to say that everybody has been nothing but fabulous. I’ve had many lawyers trying to help me with my back taxes to no avail. Everyone at The Tax Defenders has been absolutely wonderful and most helpful. These guys know what they’re doing. They are very smart cookies. Thank you very much.”

The Tax Defenders | John Leach Testimonial

John Leach Winthrop Harbor, IL

Owed: $56,000, Paid to IRS: $0

The Tax Defenders | 5 Star Rating

Our Guarantee


What you can expect from our 2 phase process…

1. Any fee paid for work not completed is refundable.
2. The Tax Defenders (TTD) uses a two-step process to resolve clients’ tax debts.
3. Phase One solely involves fact gathering, analysis of these facts, and making recommendations regarding what programs the client qualify for and which should be pursued.
4. Initially, all clients ONLY hire TTD to perform Phase One work. No new client may hire TTD for a specific IRS program until after Phase One is paid for and completed.
5. At the end of Phase One, a client may hire us to perform Phase Two work or may not. Phase Two is Final Resolution. A client may verbally authorize us to start this Phase Two work.
6. The Tax Defenders service provision intends by the end of Phase Two that clients will have AT LEAST one of the following: offer in compromise, approved installment agreement, currently not collectible status, reverse assessment, penalty abatement and /or expiration of debt through collection statue expiration date. All clients acknowledge it is impossible to accurately identify which of these will be achieved until after Phase One is complete. It is possible that one of the above listed outcomes is achieved during Phase One.
7. There is a separate, flat fee for each phase. Phase One fees are for the Investigation of the client case, and full resolution of the case will require additional work and related fees. Tax returns are billed separately. TTD services are provided for the tax years described in the client’s initial services agreement and are contingent upon client cooperation as described in #7 and #8 below.


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Phase 2

What we expect from our clients….

  • 8. Clients agree to FOUR responsibilities in working with TTD: a) achieve and maintain compliance with IRS tax regulations and laws including making required/agreed upon payments to the IRS, b) provide completely accurate information to TTD within 30 days of our written request, c) pay all fees as agreed, d) notify TTD within 7 days of any change of address, income or significant expenses.
  • 9. Clients will not intentionally misrepresent or omit factual matter nor do anything to interfere or preempt TTD from fulfilling any client Agreement. Clients will not attempt to resolve the tax matter in question without prior consultation with a representative of The Tax Defenders.
  • 10. Any violation of #8 or #9 will entitle us to terminate our services (if we choose), with no refund of fees for work completed. Any fees still due per existing payment plans will be enforced per its terms provided work has been completed.
  • 11. If work beyond tax resolution and negotiation is required (e.g., bookkeeping, tax preparation, levy lift), an additional reasonable fee will be charged. Those fees are non-refundable after the work is delivered.
  • 12. If a client defaults on the resolution (see #5) of the tax debt once obtained, The Tax Defenders is under no obligation to renegotiate another resolution without further compensation.
  • 13. Any rework caused by the clients failure to provide information or otherwise meet tax responsibilities (as described in #8 and #9) will be subject to a reasonable, agreed to rework charge.

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