David Williams

David Williams

Tax Accountant

For some, accounting is a profession, a job to pay bills. It is not the same for David Williams; the reason behind his choice to opt for accounting is his love for math, taxes, and accounting.

He graduated from Northeast Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and French. He doesn’t take accounting as a job, but a craft that makes him feel totally engaged and a way to use his potential at the best. Being born in San Diego, he has the Californian zest for life, and he stops for nothing less than perfection and settles for nothing less than best. He often receives great customer feedback and is known by his clients as a nice guy to deal with over the phone.

He is a man of values and is proud of his ethical conduct and the level of conscientiousness. David enjoys music to balance life. According to him, his other passion of playing drums is a perfect balance for accounting as a career. As a musician he has played numerous charity events over the years and offers his tax services in a charity auction for the Evanston Children’s Choir every year.

He also loves traveling and wants to live in France or New York for a year. His lifelong dream is to see the pyramids of Egypt.  Reading “The Power of Myth” at the age of 18 is what strengthened his determination to be conscious and pursue the things in life he wanted.

Heroes: Nell Peart

Academic Background:

  • BA, Accounting and French, Northeastern Illinois University

Former Employers:

  • The ACT groups


  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Northeastern Illinois University