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Free “Tax Debt Shield” Appointment

(312) 345-5440

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Worried About the IRS?

Don’t Give Up, No Matter How Bad It Seems

Even if you haven’t filed a tax return for years
Even if you can’t find your paperwork
Even if the IRS has put a lien on you or frozen your bank account …

… there’s still hope. With our Free “Tax Debt Shield” Appointment and The Biggest Promise in Tax Relief today!
Here’s what this is about: Because you saw our post on Facebook and showed interest in fixing your IRS tax problem, you’re entitled to a Free “Tax Debt Shield” Appointment.
With one quick phone call, you get all this:

You talk to a licensed tax professional in our Chicago office
We listen to your story. No sales pitch, guaranteed!
If we can’t help you, we tell you and the call ends. At the very least, you get answers to your questions, Free! 
If we can help lower your payments, remove your tax lien, etc., we tell you. Then we get off the phone and do a complete, Free Review of your financial information
Then we do a complete, Free Review of your official IRS information
We call you back and tell you all the IRS tax relief programs you may qualify for
YOU decide to hire us or not. You’re in total control, with no sales pressure

All at NO cost and NO obligation to buy anything.
Why is this Free?
Because it’s best to find out if we’re a good match for each other before any money changes hands. That way there are no surprises and no hard feelings. Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau is proof of that.
Here’s what people say after we talk: “They were very honest. They answered all my questions and didn’t try to sell me or instill more fear in me. I would recommend Tax Defenders in a heartbeat!” 
What’s The Biggest Promise in Tax Relief today?
We promise never to pressure you to buy anything. You’re in control of every conversation! But if you do feel pressured, just let us know. The phone call will end and we’ll donate $100.00 in your name to the Semper Fi Fund. They’re a great charity that provides financial help to wounded U.S. service members and their families. We’ll even email you the donation receipt as proof.
That’s how confident we are that you’ll love letting us help with your IRS tax problem!
Does that sound fair? If so, the next step is easy …
Schedule your Free “Tax Debt Shield” Appointment now
Schedule your Free “Tax Debt Shield” Appointment now

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May we text you about your call?

Yes! Let’s Talk!

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Call (312) 345-5440. Or visit us at 125 Wacker Drive, Suite 1110, Chicago, IL 60606

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