“This is a very reputable and trustworthy business”

The Tax Defenders were different from the very beginning. Their initial contact postcard was straightforward and didn’t use the scare tactics that many of the other firms that contacted me had used. And of course I threw the “scarers” into the trash immediately. When I called The Tax Defenders, I spoke with George Diversiev and he listened very carefully while I explained the tax situation in which I found myself. He was very straightforward, asking me a couple of key questions and then informing me of what they could accomplish for me. He also pointed out the fact that it would take a much longer period of time than the six weeks which I had available before the closing of the sale of my house. Although they couldn’t resolve my immediate problem, I appreciated their honesty and the fact that they did not ask me to pay money ($3,500-$5,000) up front (which others had asked for) knowing that nothing could be done in the six week time frame. This is a very reputable and trustworthy business.