“Well done George!”

I have talked to many different tax people regarding my tax situation (attorneys, tax consultants- you name it!). This is the very first time that I have gotten a straight answer and it didn’t cost me a dime. Thanks George . As we all know if you can’t pay the IRS how can you pay the attorney’s fees? But in this case, The Tax Defenders (George ), in just 4 minutes of my time gave me some advice to stay on the program that I had set up. It took me 10 years to get someone to do the same thing he said in 4 minutes. I’m not a professional tax person and I made some mistakes that got me here .So I would tell you in an instance to call these people. They won’t waste your time. They’re friendly and take a position to help – and money never came up , Wow, that’s a first! So if you need help, call The Tax Defenders. They are what they say they are . Again George, thanks. It’s taken me longer to write this than for you to solve my problem! Cool! Well done George.