“I will definitely go back to The Tax Defenders”

I contacted The Tax Defenders last week and Colleen, who I immediately felt was trustworthy, took my information and promised a follow up call the following week. She contacted me exactly at the time she had scheduled and went through four scenarios that could apply to my situation. There was only information provided and no pressure to engage any further with them. I really appreciate that aspect – had there been ANY pressure to move to a next step, I would have felt uncomfortable. Based on my financial situation, I could not enter any of the programs she outlined but again, there was no pressure and no condescension about what maybe I ‘should’ be doing. I really appreciated the information she provided and going through my options with me. She made herself very available for my questions and discussed each in depth. I will definitely go back to The Tax Defenders if and when my situation changes to the point where I think someone can help on my behalf.