“He gave me the confidence that I needed “to carry on””

I first learned of my tax lien of $82,500 by getting letters from tax firms, promising me they would get my debt down to almost nothing. After having had a traumatic experience with one of those very firms last year, I threw them all away. Then I got a large yellow postcard from The Tax Defenders. I liked the way it was written, and I liked what Joe said. So I called. I was forwarded to George. I was so full of my own terrible and “so unique” story–about my husband having gotten so sick in 2013, how he is now disabled and I am his sole caregiver–that I barely gave him a chance to speak. When I finally caught my breath, I stopped. And the compassion and caring that came from George was real. He did not minimize what I had been through, nor did he cut the conversation short after I told him that the first step with the IRS had to be mine, since I could not afford any representation at this time. We were on the phone for a good 20 minutes. George gave me the steps that will need to be taken with resolving my IRS situation, and wished us the very best in beginning on that journey. When I got off the phone with George I was no longer afraid of the journey that I had to start. He gave me the confidence that I needed “to carry on.” He had also given me the feeling of security that I have a company in The Tax Defenders for the next step. Here is my final word of advice: If you need to hire a firm to handle your tax problems, RUN–don’t walk–to The Tax Defenders. My first step is just about complete, and I will be picking up the phone and asking for my friend, George, to begin the next step. As he said to me at the close of my call to him: “This conversation with you was a touch of sanity in an insane world.” What I say is that George WAS that touch of sanity–an intelligent, compassionate and caring human being in the “insane and frightening” world of the IRS. I will always be thankful to Joe for his yellow postcard, which led me to George!