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What Makes The Tax Defenders Different?

For over 20 years, The Tax Defenders has helped Illinois taxpayers overcome problems with unfiled tax returns for IRS and States. We optimize our clients outcomes by only filing returns IRS needs which also benefit the taxpayer. Our personalized approach, our total commitment to serving our clients and our experience dealing with past due returns make us unique in our industry.


About The Tax Defenders

The Tax Defenders was founded in 2002 by a former infantry officer in the US Marine Corps, Joe Hanley. We have helped taxpayers across Chicagoland with their IRS issues and other tax matters. You can read comments from some of our clients we have helped right here. https://www.thetaxdefenders.com/testimonials/


Why Do Over 19,000 Clients Work With The Tax Defenders —And Why Should You?

We go directly to the IRS in order to get the facts about the unfiled returns, what is needed and the impact of filing. An Attorney or CPA will review and present a recommendation based on our years of experience in this industry. No matter the complexity of the case, there may be personal circumstances that will impact how you as an individual return to good standing with the IRS. We have a trusted process developed over our 20 years in business. This means with every interaction with the IRS we are steps ahead and we can maximize your refund and reduce tax liability.

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We’ve helped thousands of clients file and get back to normal life

  • Based in Chicago, we’ve been helping Illinois residents for over 20 years!
  • Personalized recommendations for each and every client
  • Excellent service and dedicated licensed tax professionals
  • Access to the latest IRS data to see if your circumstances qualify you for Tax Relief
  • Professional duty as licensed CPA’s and Attorneys to always put clients’ interests first

Client Profiles

  1. Have multiple Years Of Unfiled Tax Returns!
  2. Want to Settle Any Amount Owed If Possible.
  3. Not Sure What Years The IRS Requires.
  4. Have IRS Penalties and Interest and Need Relief.
  5. Focus on Finding Deductions, Maximizing Refund And Reduced Liabilities.
  6. Takes First Step To Clean-up Past Years

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