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Think those TV tax ads make IRS programs sound too easy? You are right to be skeptical.

Very few tax problems are fixed with “one-size-fits-all” services.

You may be dealing with stopping current enforcement, filing old returns, finalizing a settlement or defending an audit.

What you need is honest answers and straight-forward guidance from your first call.

“… incredibly responsive, helpful and honest about his recommendations moving forward!
Kelsey B – Woman Owned Business Contractor

“…very transparent and upfront about the process. If you have horrendous tax problems and need real solutions my suggestion would be have a talk with The Tax Defenders.” — Jeffery B – Naperville, IL

Many also need a personalized plan and experienced team to execute that plan. That is who we are and what we do.

Our founder, Joe Hanley, brings two life experiences to the spirit and operation of The Tax Defenders.

1: He had his own tax problem. While working at a homeless shelter and seven years before starting TTD, he made a withholding error. What was a small liability debt ballooned into owing the IRS just over $10,000. It took him four years to pay that off. It was a tough financial chapter but infuses our practice with a great deal of empathy for people fighting through tax problems.

2: Joe is a veteran of five years of service in the United States Marine Corps including combat in Desert Shield/Desert Storm. We get our no-hype, straight-talk as well as our sense of duty from the Marines.

All of this translates into a group that cares about your outcomes.

Give us a call to get started.

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Meet the IRS Tax Attorneys who will handle your case.

You will speak with them directly, no outsourcing, no call center.

Kelly Hanley
Jillian Thompson
Shanna Marcus
Megan Beseth

What will happen when I call you today?


Call and immediately speak to a licensed tax professional. Not a salesperson.

You’ll be directly connected with an Attorney, CPA or EA with at least five years’ experience. We do not employ commissioned salespeople or “screeners.”


Assess and Educate

As you go through the history and current situation, your tax professional will explain what is happening, why it is happening and what your options and chances are. Our goal with every call is to make informed taxpayers. Smarter taxpayers make better choices.


Receive a personalized recommendation

Many times, your specific circumstances will put a wrinkle in the case even at intake. Through experience and education, your licensed tax professional will adopt the recommendations to your situation. On the first call.

Our Services

We offer a variety of services tailored to client needs.

IRS Representation

Stopping Enforcement

Filing Past Due Returns

Tax Settlements

Income Tax Audits

Tax Reduction

IRS Tax Levy & Liens

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  • “Honest helpful information”  Barbara W – Registered Nurse
  • “Realistic about my financial situation”  L. Rogers – Self Employed
  • “Gave me more information in 10 minutes than I got in 6 months from another firm”  Bill H – Retiree

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