Tax Resolution FAQ’s

Answers from Our Experienced Chicago Tax Resolution Professionals

If you’re struggling with a serious tax issue, you likely have questions about what your options are and how you should pursue the best possible outcome. At The Tax Defenders, we have been assisting a wide array of different clients for more than 21 years. We know the U.S. Tax Code and what can be done to pursue swift and favorable solutions for our clients when they need them the most.

Below, we’ve compiled answers to some of the most common questions we receive from potential clients. If you have questions about your specific tax issue, contact our offices today to request a free consultation.

If you are facing a problem with your taxes you don’t know how to resolve, we’re ready to hear your story. Call the offices of The Tax Defenders at (312) 345-5440 today.

“How Much Will I have to Pay?”

No reputable firm can guarantee you results when dealing with matters as complex as the U.S. Tax Code and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Unlike other firms, The Tax Defenders withholds judgment on our clients’ cases until we have the facts. We’ll have a thorough conversation with these clients during their initial consultation, then (with their permission) conduct a detailed investigation of their finances. Again with their permission, we also contact the IRS to get an accurate assessment of how they see settlement or payment change options. This requires some up-front work, but this approach not only allows us to accurately assess our clients’ options but better pursue them the best solutions possible, as well.

“Who Are Your Clients?”

Over the years,we have served more than 16,000 clients throughout Chicago and the rest of the country. Over that time, our team has shown that we have the knowledge, insight, and resources to assist a wide variety of people and businesses.

At The Tax Defenders, we have assisted clients who have:

  • Come into a windfall of money (inheritances, lottery winnings, etc.)
  • Been scammed into withholding money from the IRS
  • Protested the IRS for years by not paying taxes
  • Been audited by the IRS
  • Been foreclosed on
  • Been given a fraudulent 1099 by their employer
  • Been falsely told they can file for Civil War reparations
  • Received a “substitute for return” (SFR)
  • Suffered employee/contractor misclassification
  • Been told that Form 1099-OID can be used as a debt payment option

These are just some of the many types of clients we have served in the past. We also regularly serve the self-employed, small businesses, licensed professionals, and ex-pats with their tax responsibilities, as well. No matter what your current tax issue may entail, we’re ready to help you assess your options. Call us today.

“What Is a Tax Lien?”

If you have received notice that the IRS (or the local state government) has placed a lien on your property, it means they are trying to ensure that they can receive the money you owe from outstanding taxes. A lien does not automatically mean that the IRS will seize your property but it does give the IRS or other lienholder a priority to be paid if you are due money. Liens can be released by the IRS for some payment programs.

“Can I Negotiate With The IRS Myself?”

Many taxpayers are curious to know if they can reach some type of settlement with the IRS to avoid an adverse action while they pay an outstanding liability. Luckily we have a whole article related to this, how to settle with the IRS yourself. It is possible to negotiate with the agency to settle a liability, establish a payment plan or an offer in compromise (OIC) of some kind– but sometimes people and businesses would like or even need a trusted, informed, qualified professional by their side. At The Tax Defenders, your professional…from the first call…will be licensed and admitted to practice by the IRS. We’ve helped countless clients approach the IRS and seek an arrangement that minimizes their tax burden and allows them to move on with their lives.

“What Can Be Done About Wage Garnishment?”

In some cases, the IRS will put a levy on a taxpayer’s wages in order to recover back taxes. This particular type of levy can be extremely disruptive in the lives of tax payers, but there are ways to prevent wage garnishment or halt garnishment that has already started. At The Tax Defenders, we can assess your finances and recommend the best way to release this levy as soon as possible—whether through a payment plan, OIC or proving financial hardship.

“I’m Ready to Take Action—What’s Next?”

If you’re ready to take control of your tax issue, then we invite you to contact us here at The Tax Defenders. From our very first conversation with you, your concerns and needs will be a priority as we navigate your case and aggressively assert your interests and rights in pursuit of a solution.

If you are facing a problem with your taxes you don’t know how to resolve, we’re ready to hear your story. Call the offices of The Tax Defenders at (312) 345-5440 today.