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Aren’t ALL Those Tax Resolution Companies The Same??

Of Course Not, BUT….

  • Turns out my best option was to continue with the agreement I already had. They did not try to push me into doing anything that they would profit from and I appreciated their honesty.”

  • My case after many, many years is settled, and I couldn’t be happier. TTD was FABULOUS! If you need help, contact them, you will be extremely happy you did.

  • “The Tax Defenders are very honest and upfront. I was skeptical at first to go through the free consultation. They reviewed my situation and provided me with honest advice. Answered all my questions with honesty and integrity. I had contacted other firms previously and they all wanted money up front before they would review my case and give suggestions.

– Actual comments from reviews sent to the Better Business Bureau. Many more located here.

A Person Like You. My Story…

My name is Joe Hanley. I am a US Marine Corps veteran who…back in the 90’s after getting out of the service…had a tax problem myself for over 4 years. After much frustration and false starts I was able to put that issue behind me.

I’ve started and have owned The Tax Defenders for 15 years and we are dedicated to honestly helping people with IRS issue. You won’t get any scare tactics…and you also won’t get a big settlement promise before we examine *in writing* your actual file. Contact us on this site or via phone if you’d like to know your options. And even if you decide not to contact us, best wishes in fixing our tax problems and getting a fresh start.

The #1 Question I get about this site “Why don’t you talk more about

Well, they are hard to get…and it depends on your personal financial and tax situation.

Yes, clients have had settlements but it was based on actual hardship status given by the IRS.

Also, most people don’t end up with the Offer in Compromise…but it is still true that they can live in peace and get a fresh start once they are out of collections and in an IRS approved plan.

So what do you get if you decide to call me to talk about your options?

Honest Answers

Whatever the question is, we will always be open and honest with our answers.

You’ll Speak With A Professional

You will never be put on the phone with a ‘rep’. You will always speak with a professional admitted to practice before the IRS

Transparent Information

If we cannot help, we will let you know straight away.

You may or may not qualify for some kind of relief. But I won’t know until we speak.  That’s it. No big pitch or pressure.

Please contact us if you’d like to speak with a professional directly and know what is available to you.