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Over 13,307 Resolutions

We Fixed Their IRS Problem ENTIRELY. They owe nothing. Clean slate.

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 $10M Successfully Negotiated

That’s $10,000,000 in back taxes our clients (who are average people) saved from having to give to the IRS just because they made a mistake.

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US Veteran Founded In 2002

We leave no citizen behind. We will stand up to the IRS machine for you to fix your tax problem even if you’re overwhelmed by it all and aren’t sure of your options.

“$53,000 saved with just one phone call”

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Danny Smith – North Carolina

Owed $132,000, Paid to the IRS: $4,300
“I would like to thank George and his staff for helping me out and working with me on my IRS problem. I would just like to say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for making my day and helping me with this bad situation. I would recommend you to anybody else who needs help with their income tax problems.” The Tax Defenders | Danny Smith Testimonial

The Tax Defenders | 5 Star Rating

John Leach Winthrop Harbor, IL

Owed: $56,000, Paid to IRS: $0
“I just want to say that everybody has been nothing but fabulous. I’ve had many lawyers trying to help me with my back taxes to no avail. Everyone at The Tax Defenders has been absolutely wonderful and most helpful. These guys know what they’re doing. They are very smart cookies. Thank you very much.”The Tax Defenders | John Leach Testimonial
The Tax Defenders | 5 Star Rating