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Why You Should Seek IRS Representation When Getting Audited?

IRS Representation – What You Might Not Know

The IRS has some tax tips on their website about IRS representation and what it specifically means for taxpayers. Taxpayers have the right to have an authorized IRS representative represent their interests in front of them. In our experience the best representation is a tax attorney as they are highly experienced and qualified in these matters, however it may be that any Attorney, CPA, enrolled agent, enrolled actuary can submit a written power of attorney to represent a tax payer.

Why Is It Important Who Handles Your Tax Issue?

Are you experiencing an irs audit? Or some other tax issue? Below are some tips that may be able to help. However, do not hesitate to contact us by giving us a call or filling out our form for a call back. 

  1. Disengage from the junk mail and advertisements.

    When the IRS flags you for an audit, the low-grade tax resolution advertisers tag you as a target. You will receive junk mail from tax companies that promise to take you to the moon and back, using scare tactics to create fear about what will happen to you if you try to manage alone. Hiring a reputable firm will empower you to disregard the advertisements with confidence and maintain your peace of mind.

    A satisfied client described how making one simple phone call to a reputable tax resolution firm was a game-changer. Read to the end — it may surprise you how this story turns out.

    I was bombarded with mail from tax specialists claiming to be able to help me with an audit from a previous year that caused me to owe the IRS $,5000. I ended up only calling one company, The Tax Defenders, due to their letter being extremely straight forward without ridiculous promises. The CEO is also a military vet, and that is worth a little something in honesty. It was obvious within 1 minute of my call that I made the right decision. They were very honest, direct, helpful, with no BS or promises. In my specific situation, there wasn’t much anyone could do, and they were able to give me plenty of suggestions and advice in just a few minutes. This saved me wasting time and money with someone else that wouldn’t be able to help. The advice was perfect, and I was able to solve my situation on my own. I highly recommend this being your only call if you need help with the IRS. A.L., 2019.

    Calling a tax resolution service doesn’t mean hiring a tax resolution service. Calling a tax resolution service will be your initial research, an easy and free step towards educating and empowering yourself. The pile of junk mail might have seemed foreboding at first, but that feeling doesn’t need to last.

  2. Receive a professional consultation.

    Receiving a professional consultation is the second reason to call a tax resolution company regarding IRS representation. When speaking to a practitioner ensure they are licensed to practice with the IRS. There should be a strong focus from the professional to look to solve your problem. At The Tax Defenders, we look to try and establish how we can help you in the first call, our team are licensed professionals not sales people. 

    I requested a free consultation. [The tax expert] contacted me within 2 hours. We took the time to go over the possibilities, and then he did the honest thing. He told me his firm would not be able to save me enough money. He looked at what we owed, what could be done to reduce the amount owed (dependent upon my income and employment), and then he confirmed that the savings on my end would be very inconsequential. I really appreciate his honesty and straight forward conversation. — Andrew B.

    In the paragraph above, the client (Andrew B.) decided not to engage the tax firm to help with the audit. However, if the client had decided to engage the tax firm after the initial consultation, then the tax firm would have conducted an initial investigation, also free. A tax resolution firm will conduct an initial investigation so they can quote you an accurate price for their services. This investigation is valuable in its own right, as it will uncover and organize information pertaining to your situation.

  3. Involve experts who can handle the complexity of your case.

    Some IRS audits are triggered randomly; other IRS audits are triggered by red flags such as discrepancies involving overtime, bonuses, dependents, or withholdings. A tax resolution service will determine the reason that might have triggered your audit and respond appropriately. A tax resolution lawyer will not be daunted by the intricacies of your case, even if they involve delays or mistakes from previous years.

    After a year of trying to work out 4 years of IRS audits, fees, interest, penalties, etc. and getting nowhere, I made the call. I worked with [George, The Tax Defenders expert], he was a life saver! The entire experience was extremely professional from start to finish. Within days George provided an overview of my debt and options to finally resolve the debt (source).

    Tax audits, especially complex or delayed cases, are sensitive and protocol-driven. Tax laws are notoriously complex and can change multiple times in the same year. A slight mistake in the process can cost you dearly in the form of loss of money, time, and reputation. Your naivety may even create a criminal record for tax fraud or land you in jail. Call someone who understands how to save you any additional hassle.

  4. Avoid penalties and fees.

    Hiring IRS representation means that you won’t overpay the IRS as a result of your audit. Millions of Americans overpay on their taxes every year because they don’t know better. You don’t need to be one of them.

    They’ve pulled me through so many things, I will forever be grateful to them. I owed $63,000 in taxes when I contacted The Tax Defenders. My debt was reduced to $465. I really appreciate everything they’ve done. I really, really appreciate it. I would recommend them to anyone, to anyone. They’ve helped me through every process. In every way they have done this. Thank you so much, that’s all I can say to them. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. — Gail C.

    Sometimes, taxpayers ignore IRS letters and emails because they are scared and feel in-over-their-heads. In these cases, the IRS is legally obligated to charge you with tax evasion and pursue criminal charges. A tax lawyer will know how to navigate you back towards calm water. Your lawyer will communicate with the IRS in your behalf and advocate for you. Hiring an IRS debt settlement lawyer demonstrates to the IRS that you are engaged in rectifying the situation and are acting in good faith.

    Federal programs are available to troubled taxpayers that are used to settle or reduce the amount of tax liability owed. An experienced tax lawyer will know about these programs and can advise you about which program may suit your needs and how to qualify.

  5. Your tax lawyer will interface with the IRS so you don’t have to.

    Your tax lawyer will engage with the IRS directly on your behalf in most situations. If you need to attend an interview in person, your tax lawyer will attend with you. Your tax lawyer can reassure the IRS that you’re taking its investigation seriously. In addition, your tax lawyer will advocate for you in court if you are charged with a tax crime.

    Established tax resolution firms will have IRS representation that has established direct lines of communication with the IRS. Your tax lawyer will have direct contact information for the various branches of the IRS where your paperwork is handled and, as needed, negotiate matters over the phone rather than through writing. When writing letters and filling out forms, a tax attorney will use legal vocabulary that is guaranteed to meet the IRS’s demands and expectations.

If you are being audited, don’t panic, but do enlist the help of IRS representation. The IRS can be intimidating, but The Tax Defenders have qualified practitioners with decades of experience working with the IRS. We are a 21 year old firm looking to help taxpayers address issues with the IRS. If you have any questions please pick up the phone and call us at (312) 345-5440 we would be more than happy to talk through your situation.