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IRS Audits

If the IRS has requested that you meet with one of their representatives in person to discuss your audit, we will be with you to make sure your audit is done fairly.

Offer in Compromise

You can depend on honesty from our team. We will not gloss over the rough parts that will later take you by surprise. Each case is unique and we look at all your extenuating circumstances before determining if an OIC is right for you and telling you the likelihood of it getting accepted by the IRS.

irs levy

This is the type of work we do every day. If you’ve received an IRS Notice of Levy, contact one of our experienced IRS levy professionals immediately. We can negotiate a resolution on your behalf, placing you in the best possible situation you can be in.

payroll tax issues

Do not wait until you begin to get threatening letters from the IRS. At the first sign of payroll tax issues, consult with our Chicago tax resolution professionals to negotiate an arrangement with the IRS that may lessen your penalties and stop collection action.

Payment Plan Issues

If you are having IRS payment plan issues, all is not lost. Whatever you do, do not just stop paying the IRS. The Tax Defenders has been working for 15 years helping people like you find a solution to their tax debt problems.

tax debt

Our tax attorneys, while located in Chicago, IL, have been working nationally with the IRS on behalf of our clients for over fifteen years. We are able to negotiate regarding tax penalties and debt and make acceptable payment arrangements for your tax debt relief regardless of your location.

unfiled tax returns

By working with our Chicago tax resolution firm, you can manage any problems that unfiled tax returns may have caused. We have served 15,000 customers, saving them 19 million dollars over the span of fifteen years. We know how stressful working with the IRS can be and we can handle it for you.

Wage Garnishment

Receiving notice of a wage garnishment should be taken seriously and should prompt an immediate call to our Chicago tax resolution firm. We have helped 15,000 clients resolve their issues with the IRS and we may be able to help you.


Below, we’ve compiled answers to some of the most common questions we receive from potential clients. If you have questions about your specific tax issue, contact our offices today to request a free consultation.

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Chicago Tax Attorneys That You Can Count On

Have you wondered what can be done to legally reduce your tax burden? Do you want to negotiate with the IRS over an outstanding tax issue? Do you need to explore your legal options when it comes to dealing with your tax debt? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, our dedicated and knowledgeable team at The Tax Defenders is ready to hear from you. Tax resolution services and handling IRS issues are where our experience lies. Our firm has helped thousands of tax payers across the country resolve issues with their taxes. We have a hugely experienced team of attorneys who are ready to talk to you about an issue you may be facing.

Chicago Tax Attorneys That You Can Count On

Over the last 15 years, The Tax Defenders has tackled a wide array of different tax issues for our clients. We’ve assisted clients who have been scammed by third parties and those who have years of prior tax delinquency. No matter what your circumstances are, our tax resolution attorneys in Chicago are ready to assess your finances and provide the most beneficial and actionable solutions possible. Our goal is to minimize the impact tax issues have on the lives of our clients and act as their advocate as they strive to regain control of their finances.

If you are facing a problem with your taxes you don’t know how to resolve, we’re ready to hear your story. Call the offices of The Tax Defenders at (312) 345-5440 today.