How to Reduce Back Taxes

There’s no shame in owing back taxes but doing nothing about it makes things much, much worse. The IRS knows there are billions of dollars in unpaid income taxes each year and if you’re reading this, chances are the IRS is now coming after you. If you owe unpaid back taxes, interest and penalties and the IRS is threatening a wage garnishment or bank account levies contact us immediately at 1-800-341-0411 for a free IRS tax consultation. We’ve helped taxpayers nationwide stop IRS harassment, reduce back taxes and get their lives back on the right track.

Unpaid Back Taxes

In today’s economy, were seeing many more taxpayer’s that are struggling due to job loss or reduced income, credit card debt, foreclosures or even medical bills. Business owners are also struggling and can fall behind on their own income tax or payroll taxes just to keep their business open. The main thing to remember is that taxpayer’s have rights according to tax law and it’s critical you consult with an experienced tax attorney, enrolled agent or CPA before your tax problems get worse.

There are many State and Federal tax resolution and IRS tax debt settlement programs available to you such as a Offer In Compromise (OIC) or a Installment Agreement which can allow you to resolve your tax debt problem for less then what you owe.

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IRS tax help programs that can settle your tax debt:

Offer in Compromise (OIC)

An Offer In Compromise can help a taxpayer to offer the IRS as much money as they can afford in a relatively short period of time. When negotiated correctly, the IRS will then write-off the taxpayer’s outstanding IRS liabilities.

Installment Agreement (IA)

An Installment Agreement is a tax help program in which the taxpayer pays the IRS a monthly payment in order to pay off their back taxes and tax liabilities. There are several kinds of installment agreements contact us to find out which one is right for you or click here.

Currently-Non-Collectible (“CNC”)

Currently Non Collectible is used when your Monthly Allowable Expenses exceed your Monthly Gross Income and is typically used as a temporary tax resolution plan because you will still owe back taxes, interest and penalties. However, this type of protection can last indefinitely if the IRS determines that you continue to experience economic hardship and meet the requirements for a CSED. The Collection Statute Expiration Date (CSED) time limit is 10 years but can be extended due to several reasons. Contact The Tax Defenders for more information at 1-800-341-0411.

Penalty Abatement (PA)

With a Penalty Abatement the IRS may agree to relieve some or all of the penalties you owe but not the interest. This only happens if we can prove to the IRS a reasonable cause for falling behind and under the condition that you can pay your outstanding tax liability in full. Penalties usually make up to 25% of the total tax owed and may be worth considering if you’re otherwise financially healthy.

As you may know, trying to negotiate with the IRS to settle your back taxes can be a intimidating experience. The IRS tax code is vast and complex and an IRS agent’s job is to collect the most amount of money possible from you. You can trust The Tax Defenders tax lawyers, enrolled agents and CPA’s to represent you and negotiate a resolution you can afford to pay. For a free consultation contact us or call The Tax Defenders at 1-800-341-0411 to Settle Your Back Taxes Today!