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We help with IRS Tax Issues

Accruing tax debt can leave you anxious and overwhelmed. You may be receiving threatening letters from the IRS and feel like you do not have any options. Fortunately, our expert tax debt relief firm in Chicago can work with you to negotiate with the IRS to lower your debt and create a payment arrangement that is suitable for you.

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Avoiding Adverse Actions from the IRS

Initially, the IRS will not care what the reason is for your delinquent tax debt. They will come after you aggressively to recoup the money they are owed. At first, they will send you threatening letters. At the same time, monetary penalties begin to accrue. Eventually, the IRS will go after your property.

The IRS has the capability to assign the following to delinquent tax debt:

We Can Stop the Harassment

Our IRS tax attorneys can prevent these penalties from happening to you. How your personal circumstances are communicated with the IRS affects your chances. Sometimes the personnel at the IRS will be able to take your extenuating circumstances, and how they impact your case and your ability to pay, into account.

Our tax attorneys, while located in Chicago, IL, have been working nationally with the IRS on behalf of our clients for over fifteen years. We are able to negotiate regarding tax penalties and debt and make acceptable payment arrangements for your tax debt relief regardless of your location.

You Can Trust The Tax Defenders to be Straightforward

At our tax resolutions firm in Chicago, we will never quote you a solution without first investigating the circumstances. A true investigation takes more than one fifteen minute call from you to us. After you consult with us and with your consent, we will take the time to dig deeper into your case and come up with viable solutions to manage your tax debt. We will always provide you with honest answers about our services, including your options and chances.

It’s time to get the IRS off your back. Contact The Tax Defenders today to request your free tax debt evaluation.