Professional IRS Tax Levy Negotiations

Protect Your Assets with Confidence

Unpaid tax debt or unfiled returns can eventually lead to financial difficulties. Ignoring the attempts of the IRS to reach you will not make it go away. Whatever the reason for not paying taxes, eventually the IRS will catch up with you. After multiple efforts to collect the debt, the IRS will take action.

Here are some common methods taken by IRS:

  • Penalties – adding penalties, fines and interest to tax debt is meant, in part, to serve as motivation to pay the tax debt quickly
  • Tax Liens – liens create an increased priority for the IRS to receive funds from the taxpayer until the tax debt is paid or the lien is removed. IRS liens are legally enforced and affect any item of worth, such as property, vehicles, or recreational vehicles
  • IRS Tax Levy – IRS levies allow the government to claim and resell anything of value that you own, such as vehicles, property, bank accounts, and jewelry, in order to satisfy unpaid taxes. A levy also allows the IRS to garnish wages, vendor payments, pensions, VA and Social Security benefits.

Regardless of the actual value of your hard earned assets, it’s important that you establish protection and avoid being forced into a deeper hardship than you’re already in. Dealing with the IRS doesn’t have to be a painful process and it’s important to address your situation early on to avoid it getting worse.

This is the type of work we do every day. If you’ve received an IRS Notice of Levy, contact one of our experienced IRS levy professionals immediately. We can negotiate a resolution on your behalf, placing you in the best possible situation you can be in.

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The Tax Defenders Seek Solutions To IRS Tax Levies

Our expert tax resolution team has been working with the IRS for a combined 100+ years to help our clients come to terms with the IRS and come to an agreement that satisfies both parties. We always investigate your case before we quote a resolution so that we can provide you with honest, accurate options for addressing your tax issues. We are veteran owned and operated and proud to provide superior service to our clients.

Your time is valuable. Contact us today and let us discover exactly what protection options are available for you.