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When you owe back taxes and fail to pay them in a timely manner, most people realize there are consequences other than just assessed fees and penalties. The IRS has the power to issue a wage garnishment. Once a wage garnishment is in place, you may want the assistance of our skilled Chicago wage garnishment professionals to resolve the matter. Wage garnishment lawyers often can get garnishments lifted much more quickly.

You can rely on our twenty-one years of experience in working with the IRS to release wage garnishments and establish other arrangements for the tax problems of our clients. Please note: depending on what state you live in, the State of license for TTD’s representative may impact how your State allows us to help you.

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How Much Can a Wage Garnishment Take?

Unpaid taxes can result in the IRS seizing well-over fifteen percent of your gross wages, each and every paycheck until the liability is paid. It is a common error to believe that the IRS is limited to 15% garnishments like other bill collectors. They are not. Further, your employer is legally obligated to comply with a wage garnishment issued by the IRS. Bonuses are also subject to seizure by the IRS.

Part of your wages are exempt from wage garnishment, based upon your filing status. Child support is included in this exemption. The IRS will send instructions to your employer dictating how to calculate the amount that is subject to garnishment.

A wage garnishment will only stop under three circumstances:

  • A payment or settlement arrangement is made with the IRS
  • Unpaid taxes are paid in full
  • Garnishment is lifted by the IRS

The Tax Defenders Know What to Do

It is important to seek the expert counsel of our Chicago tax resolution firm to get the wage garnishment lifted as soon as possible. Of course, compliance is important, but there are several ways we can immediately get to work negotiating with the IRS.

Wage garnishments are a hardship on you and if you are having extreme financial difficulties it is possible to get the garnishment lifted based on proof that you are in danger of eviction or your utilities are at risk of interruption. This is difficult to do, but our seasoned professionals have experience in these situations.

Don’t Ignore a Wage Garnishment Notice

Receiving notice of a wage garnishment should be taken seriously and should prompt an immediate call to our Chicago tax resolution firm. We have helped 16,000 clients resolve their issues with the IRS and we may be able to help you.

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